We all have parts of our homes that are dark. It may be just a hallway, part of a room, or the entire room itself. Wherever shadows tend to gather in your home, you have options for bringing light in and transforming them spaces that are oppressive to spaces that are airy and comfortable.

At Colossal Photos, we understand the impact that light has on a home or business. We also understand the importance of being able to bring beauty into any space. That is why we give people the ability to order canvas wall prints of absolutely gorgeous images. In today’s blog, we want to discuss some ways you can bring light into your spaces so that your beautiful canvas prints can be better appreciated.

Bring Light into Your Space With These Tips

Install mirrors in key places.

  • You can double the light in a room by giving it reflective surfaces to play with. Try hanging a single large mirror directly across from the largest window in a room or installing a bunch of smaller mirrors in a dark stairwell. You will be amazed at the improvement!

Use matte rather than glossy paint.

  • This one may seem odd, but, as it turns out, glossy walls tend to create glare, reflecting light in a few directions instead of diffusing it everywhere. Matte walls will ensure that the light coming in the windows or bring produced by lamps has a chance to spread correctly.

Place lamps carefully.

  • Even if you get a good amount of light coming in during the day, you don’t want the room to turn into a cave at night. Consider getting indirect light up the ceiling, where it can diffuse across the room and preserve the sense of space.

Always install shelves perpendicular to window walls.

  • Any partition placed parallel to a window obstructs the flow of light into the room. Install horizontal shelving on the wall to allow light to pour in over it rather than hit it and head right back out.

Avoid heavy curtains.

  • You can access the privacy you want without making your space oppressive and cave-like. Toss the dark, heavy curtains that absorb the room’s light and turn to translucent materials that will diffuse the light while maintaining your privacy.

Wash your windows.

  • Dirt builds up so gradually on windows, it’s hard to realize it’s actually there. It does keep full light from getting into your spaces, and you’ll probably be amazed at the improvement a little water and a rag can give you.

Manage your trees.

  • Light can’t brighten a room if it can’t get inside in the first place. If you have the ability, make sure the bushes and trees around your windows are well-trimmed on a regular basis. We recommend you avoid planting trees on the south side of your home altogether, as the summer sun is too high for the trees to provide any shade, and when the sun lowers in the winter, the trees will block all solar warmth from reaching your windows.

Use a neutral or white color scheme.

  • If you’re combating shadows, dark, moody colors are not your friend. Instead, go neutral or white to help light get around the room. These shades also help your wall art stand out.

Leverage reflective surfaces.

  • We mentioned using mirrors on your walls, but if that isn’t your style, you can get some helpful reflections from your furniture. Remember, you shouldn’t use glossy paint on the walls. Instead, accessorize the room with glimmering items.

Be smart about your art.

  • Art tends to absorb a little light, so putting a big, dark piece in a room already struggling for light is a bad idea. Instead, opt for bright pieces that bounce the light around. You will find plenty of bright options in our canvas image options.

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