Brand: vendor-unknown

Color Of Canvas:

  • Full Color
  • Sepia
  • Black and White

Size Of Canvas:

  • 12X36
  • 15X45
  • 18X58
  • 3-12x12
  • 3-20x20
  • 3-30x30

Type Of Canvas:

  • Rolled Canvas ( no frame )
  • Triptych Canvas

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Product Description

Cape Sebastian Panoramic Art Prints

Cape Sebastian Panoramic Art Prints Cape Sebastian Trail is a 5 mile out and back trail located near Gold Beach, Oregon. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking. As you can see spectacular views can be had from the Cape Sebastian Trial. Geologists say that this headland used to be down by Los Angeles and that it has been working its way north for eons. When you hike this trail be prepared to go further than you had planned. This trial wants to capture you...it wants you to walk on it...to explore...to overlook. At Cape Sebastian, the Pacific coastline juts westwards a way and the land rises 700 feet almost vertically, making this one of the highest and most far reaching ocean viewpoints in Oregon. The top of the point is covered by a thick forest of Sitka spruce and other trees, and is crossed by a short trail leading to a series of overlooks, from where the vista stretches 25 miles northwards, as far as Humbug Mountain, and a similar distance south, to the coastal hills of north California. There is no charge for entry or parking, and few facilities, but the state park is quite popular owing to the spectacular, easily accessed viewpoints. A trail follows the ridge, through low, dense, wind-shaped bushes typical of such exposed locations, initially giving views to the south, towards distant rocks of Crook Point and Mack Reef, before the path runs right along the rim of a steeply sloping hillside overlooking land to the north. Ahead stretches a line of rugged cliffs and small beaches, followed by the more extensive sands around Gold Beach, and then Humbug Mountain on the horizon.

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