Brand: vendor-unknown

Color Of Canvas:

  • Full Color
  • Sepia
  • Black and White

Size Of Canvas:

  • 12X36
  • 15X45
  • 18X58

Type Of Canvas:

  • Rolled Canvas ( no frame )

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Product Description

Waterfall Wall Hangings

Waterfall Wall Hangings Hopetoun Falls was certainly one of the more pleasing waterfalls that we visited during our drought-stricken trip to Victoria. Like other drought-defying waterfalls in the Great Otway National Park area (such as Beauchamp Falls and Triplet Falls), this waterfall had a healthy flow and the rainforest setting was misty, green, and lush. As we were touring the Great Ocean Road, we would consistently see this waterfall appear frequently on post cards and calendars. Soak up the spray as the Hopetoun Falls plummet 30 metres into the Aire in the Great Otway National Park. Take in the view from the upper platform, or descend some 200 stairs leading through glades of tree ferns to the base of the falls. The platform here has a bench perfect for taking in the views and resting the knees. To get to the platforms, follow the path from the car park. The upper platform is an easy 20-metre walk from the car park. The lower platform is a one-kilometre return trip – allow half an hour. Much attention has been given to preserving the natural characteristics of Hopetoun Falls while allowing ample access for visitors. The falls have a large set of well-built and maintained stairs that lead down a natural patio to a viewing platform very close to the foot of the waterfall. Hopetoun Falls plunges 30 m in a rectangular shape. Many visitors come every year to look at its natural beauty.

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