Brand: vendor-unknown

Color Of Canvas:

  • Full Color
  • Sepia
  • Black and White

Size Of Canvas:

  • 18X24
  • 27X36
  • 36X54
  • 3-10x20
  • 3-12x24
  • 3-16x32
  • 3-20x40
  • 3-24x48
  • 3-30x60

Type Of Canvas:

  • Rolled Canvas ( no frame )
  • Triptych Canvas

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Product Description

Zion National Park Canvas Prints

Zion National Park Canvas Prints The Zion Narrows route is the most popular hike in Zion Park, and one of the world best canyon hikes. It is pure fun and can be tailored to suit any ability level. The trail is the Virgin River. In fact, the cool water makes this hike particularly pleasant during the hot months of summer. The Narrows in Zion National Park is a section of canyon on the North Fork of the Virgin River. The hike of The Narrows is one of the premier hikes on the Colorado Plateau. Most people hike in casually from the bottom, going as far as they feel comfortable or have time and then turning back. Serious hikers start at the top and do the entire 16 miles as a long day hike or an overnight backpack. People can plan on spending most of time in the water and the remaining time walking on the riverbank. For most of the hike the water is less than knee deep, but there is always the chance you will step into a pool that is waist deep or deeper. The longest exposure to waist deep water is usually only about 20 yards. The Narrows is one of the most unusual hikes on the Colorado Plateau. Hiking is done largely in the river as, for a third of the route, the river runs canyon wall to canyon wall. The walls are vertical and sheer and often red in color. Water levels change from season to season, most hikers will wade at least waist deep and many will swim a few short sections. Stay in the flood plain to avoid trampling fragile vegetation on the benches above the river. The farther one goes upstream, the less crowded the canyon becomes. Hiking in the river is strenuous. The water is often murky and the bottom of the river is covered with round, basalt rocks about the size of bowling balls.

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